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The goal of Aaray Thai Language school is to meet the language and cultural needs of you as a foreigner in Thailand whether you are visiting, or living and working in Chiang Mai, or surrounding areas. Our purpose is to promote understanding between Thailand and the world community by sponsoring quality language programs.

Araya was established by a group of like minded accomplished teachers, who are all well qualified and experienced in teaching the Thai language, to all different nationalities. We provide Individual Tuition, Group Courses, whether that is a Private Group i.e. people who know each other or an Open Group.

(Owing to the diversity and experience of people in Open Groups, we follow a well structured successful curriculum. It also allows people to change their minds should they want Individual Tuition later - a kind of try-and-see)

Being an experienced team we can analyze what is the best for you and we can create a course that will meet your needs and objectives.

Not forgetting that besides the Thai language, Thai Customs and Traditions are also very important to know. We invite you to come and meet with us in our informal and friendly surroundings, so that we can start to understand what you want to achieve. It may be to communicate while visiting, or to teach the Bible effectively.

Language is the means through which we understand and know others, and are understood and known. As a foreigner in Thailand your experience will be greatly enhanced by language and cultural tools, which equip you to communicate with those you meet along the way. Language is foundational for you as you live and work in Thailand. Araya is just the place to begin your language and cultural studies and to continue to grow as you develop and become part of your Thai community.

Many people visiting or moving to Thailand want to learn to speak Thai. They experience the friendly helpful nature of the Thai people, they become fascinated by Thai Culture and many fall in love with the Thai way of life. It is our desire to help individuals enjoy and appreciate their time and experience here in Thailand to the fullest by helping them learn to understand, speak, read and write if they desire the Thai language.


Chiang Mai, Thailand
129/64-65 Muban Phetburin Tumbon Maehia Mueang, Chiang Mai


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