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Learn Thai with My Thai Language School Bangkok Thailand

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My Thai Language School is an institution approved by the Thai Ministry of Education. In order to learn Thai language, we provide quality education to our students to help them to adapt easily to Thai lifestyle and culture.

Great diversity and flexibility in the choice of lessons provided : intensive conversation class, intensive reading & writing class, after work class, Thai online lessons, Thai corporate, thai private class, weekend class, in addition to our core Thai classes.

Great location: Easy access, we are close to the MRT station Phra Ram 9, take the exit 1.

Reasonable prices: starting price of 8,900 Baht for 50 hours group class.

Efficient Method and enjoyable lessons with experienced teachers, learn Thai in a great place.

All year enrollment Contact us for more information, if you want to learn Thai Language, you can check out the beginner schedule of the month here, we are located in the Fortune Town mall, Education zone, G floor,

open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm.

The Ministry of Education rewarded our school in 2015 for the quality of our teaching.

We decided to open the school on Ratchada road, to provide a better accessibility to a language school for the foreigner living in this area.

Now after 8 years, our great reputation has attracted students from all over Bangkok, we are one of the top Thai language school in Thailand, providing efficient courses to our students.

Enjoy while studying in our dynamic class. place11 Thai Language School in Bangkok Thailand Our teachers are all Thai native speakers passionnate to teach Thai for foreigners.

Our Thai language school created his own method, you can learn to speak, read and write the Thai language efficiently.

We are offering a large range of topics from beginner to advanced level.

How does it work in MTL School?

In our new curriculum for our beginner level, we encourage our students to learn and be familiar with real quotidian conversations in general subjects. We focus mainly the high-frequency words and common expressions that you can hear everywhere. We aim to teach our students to be able to speak exactly and absolutely like Thais. In order to reach that level, we also explain the language in the point of culture. Our students will not only speak like Thais but also understand the difference between Thai language and their own languages in terms of grammar points as well as culture points.

Which books will we use in the classes?

The most up-to-date books belong exclusively to our school, written by our own experience teachers’ team. They are designed to be pragmatic, effective, diversified, and a hint of humor. In beginning level, we divide all the contents into 20 topics covering all common vocabulary, a-must-to-know for beginners. As for intermediate and advanced level, we include the general topics as well as modern events.

Who are the teachers?

Our effective teachers are Thai native speakers with experience in teaching Thai to foreigners. Our entire teachers earned at least Bachelor’s Degree in related field. They can speak English proficiently. Some of them are interested in learning the other foreign languages, so they can comprehend our non-native English speakers’ differences in learning Thai. Moreover, they can explain you in details in English when you have any questions about grammar or vocabulary.

Is it expensive to take a course at MTL School?

We offer only best value courses. We provide a good rate for the tuition fee together with the effective curriculum that you cannot find elsewhere.

How flexible is the class schedule?

The class schedule is flexible and practical in the same time. We open one new classes every months, you can check our program here

What’s about someone who desires to improve his/her Thai?

We also have classes for students at intermediate level and upper intermediate level. In our intermediate classes, we focus on the integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The topics that we discuss in the class are more various and deeper. Therefore, you will learn from informal language to formal language.

Why should I choose to study Thai at MTL School?

If you are looking for a Thai language school where you can learn in a good atmosphere how to communicate in Thai with an experienced team of teachers for a reasonable price, come to learn Thai with us and make your life easier in Thailand. Our Thai teaching method will help to reach your goals and will give you the possibility to learn the Thai language in a efficient way.

Are there any classes for someone who would like to learn how to read especially?

If you are interested in reading and writing Thai, you can join our Reading & Writing classes. We provide a specific class (60 hours in total) to solve all difficulties that you probably encounter when learning how to read and write Thai language.

Additional Info

  • Address

  • Country: Thailand
  • Address: Fortune Town mall, Education zone, G floor ,Ratchadapisek R
  • City: Bangkok
  • Latitude: 13.758042
  • Longitude: 100.5627843
  • Contact

  • TelNo: +66(0)9-1820-9086
  • Type: Language Center
  • Email:
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My Thai Language School

My Thai Language School (โรงเรียนสอนภาษาปึงเบ) is a private language school existing since 2008. Our school is specialize in teaching Thai language from beginner to advanced level.


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