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Contact Name for Students Ajarn Ken
Phone No: 0860571156
Line ID: @ajarnken
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ajarnken
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenthorkildsen/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LanguageOpenLearning
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LanguageOpenLearning
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajarnken


English teacher and ESL expert and Ajarn Ken has a decade of teaching English in Europe, Asia and South America, he has taught thousands of students over this time and hundreds have been lucky enough to begin using English in their new career. Thanks to Ajarn Ken.

I am a native English speaker from Scotland and have lived and worked in many countries including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Thailand, as well as being well travelled and visited around 50 countries worldwide. Ken has been teahing English in Bangkok for around 10 years.

As well as speaking native English and Scots, I have also learned to speak French, Spanish, Portuguese and a little Thai.

With this experience, you can be assured you will improve your English skills and speak better English, clearer, faster and with more confidence.

Now it is you turn to jump in and begin to enjoy your English lessons and build a prosperous career, get the promotion you want, go travelling, build confidence with your English or just learn for fun!

  • Improve your English conversation and speaking skills
  • Gain more confidence to speak to foreigners
  • Prepare yourself for interviews to get a better job and career
  • Give better presentations in English
  • Help your staff and employees to service and sell to clients and customers
  • Have better pronunciation when speaking English
  • Brush up and improve your English grammar
  • Use proper and better English vocabulary correctly and efficiently

You can have private one to one English classes or in a group. Group classes are an excellent way to help you speak better, quicker and clearer and get more practice! Here is how you can come and learn with Ajarn Ken in Bangkok.

  • Private English Class for 1 student for 2 hours is 1700 baht (850b per hour)
  • English Classes for 2 students for 2 hours is 1900 baht (475b each per hour)
  • English Classes for 3 students for 2 hours is 2700 baht (450b each per hour)
  • English Classes for 4 students for 2 hours is 3200 baht (400b each per hour)

When you register, you can Invite your friends, family and amigos and you will get upto 20% discount for your English lessons.

I look forward very much to meeting you and helping you get better results with your English. Here are some tstimonials from some students -

Ajarn Ken English Lessons in Bangkok
Ajarn Ken English Lessons in Bangkok


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