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Contact Name for Students ajarn Ken
Line ID: ajarnken-english
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ajarnken
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ajarnken


Ajarn Ken is an ESL (English as a Second Language) expert with business experience in Europe and Asia. Ken has taught thousands of students in Eruopre, Central America and Asia how to more confident when speaking English to use in theri education and careers.

The Learn English video course from Ajarn Ken has 274 English lessons on video - that is more than 150 hours of English lessons with a native English speaker. All for free.

Suitable for those beginner English through to advanced English learners with vocabulary, grammar and structures to help you speak better English not to mentioned speak better English with better pronunciation.

Listen to Ajarn Ken, a native English speaker, and learn how to speak better English quicker and better.

Listen to Ajarn Ken and copy what he says and you will learn English as you go on. 25 minutes each day is all it takes. Try it for free. No sign ups, nothing.

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