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How much does it cost

It costs absolutely ZERO to become a Language Open Learning Directory Network member and to add your services to the directory. Not a penny. If you would like additional promotional coverage for your services, you can do this when you add your listing. You can make you listing stand out from the rest or you can promote you listing at the top of the page so you services always comes first and is seen first. The cost for this starts from $2 usd per month. Everything else is free, and this includes promoting your services to our members and on your social media outlets. Any members who join for free will have it for free for life!

Who are you

Language Open Learning, or LOL, was started in 2009 by ESL expert Ajarn Ken. We offered online English learning. It took off very quickly and we have been very successful to the point where we have too many enquiries. Ajarn Ken moved on to corporate training university graduates to work in the airline industry, and we opened up LOL to allow out students to contact English teachers closer to them. Now we are at the stage where we are opening this up worldwide.

What do you do for me

Ajarn Ken has ran his own business in the UK and Europe for around 20 years and has been heavily involved in online marketing since relocating to Thailand. He has worked with many businesses offering workshops and training days to help businesses get involved with online marketing. LOL will be using that experience through the online marketing company KPT Social Media. We will be bringing language learners and students to the website where we hope they will get in touch with you!

How do I receive enquiries?

This is very simple. You will have a contact button on each of your listings where enquiries will go directly to your chosen email address. We have no facilities to check any message that is sent. You can also complete you email address, phone number, address, any and all of you social media outlets. It is so easy for potential students to contact you.

COMING SOON - FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS - We will be offer a popup box that vistors can enquire directly with you and in addition they can invite their social media followers to visit your listing, this in turn should hopefully increase your enquiries.


I have more than one teaching location

That's no problem, you can simply add as many entries as you wish within reason! Each one will have a separate entry into each location or language.

I teach more than one language

No problem, simply make a separate page or listing for each language that you teach. Again it is totally free to add your details to the directory. This will allow your school or teaching services to be easily search for and found by language learners and visitors.

What are the latitude and longitude

By completing this, it will help to locate your language school or language teaching teaching services on a map close to their locality. To get your latitude and longitude coordinates, go to and enter your location or simply put in your address and the details will appears.

How do I pay for premium services?

We don't really want the responsibility of receiving any of your payment details, so have set up a PAYPAL account wehre you will be directed to once you have completed the registration form. Once we have received confirmation of you payment, your listing is automatically added and you can then promote your services.

What are the Premium Services?

Adding your services is totally free for life. If you prefer, you can add one or more of the Premium Services to your listing and details. This can help to promote your services on the directory. As an example, you can highlight your listing with a background colour, or maybe you may want to ensure your language teaching services is always at the top of the directory listing or perhaps you may want to include your services in our PREFERRED LISTING service.

To take advantage of any of the Language Teachers Directory Premium Services will be from only $2 usd each month.