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A New Language Resource Puts Interactive Learning into People's Hands, Without the Need for Technology

Sunday, 11 October 2015 06:50 PowerPlay
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It's not often that a totally new way of learning languages comes along, especially one which isn't an app or reliant on technology. Power Play aims to make language learning realistic and interactive, and the idea is simple: All of the information that you would usually find inside a textbook is presented in bite-size chunks, on cards. The real genius of the idea is to turn the whole learning process into a game that can be played by one, two, ten, or even a whole classroom of people. A pack of Power Play cards will be a teacher or student's best friend, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Power Play will launch at this year's Language Show Live, which takes place at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, from 16-18th October. This is the largest language learning show in Europe, and visitors will be able to take part in Power Play demonstration games at this free event. Power Play is not only a game. It is an individual learning resource that can be used by students to practice, revise and learn on their own. Language learning really takes off once you start a conversation, and that's where this resource is totally unique. It includes various game play elements which require players to use the language they are learning in order to play the game. One of the best things about this method is the instant reward it gives to students, as well as it's suitability for people of all abilities, ages and learning styles.

Power Play is a revolutionary new tool for both teachers and language learners:

  • It encourages learning through realistic conversation, interactivity and game-play. Players learn from one another as they play, and teachers can easily play with students or use it to stimulate learning in their classroom
  • It includes elements from well-known playing card, trading card and board games, and it is designed with both adults and children in mind
  • It meets the needs of different learners by engaging them through their eyes, ears and hands in a multi-sensory learning experience
  • It motivates students to develop speaking and listening through interactive conversations that build confidence and are useful in the real world
  • It develops reading and phonics, allowing students to spell and pronounce new words. An early focus on phonics promotes faster learning from the start
  • It provides an organised learning structure, with advancing levels of difficulty. Students can progress at their own speed and choose what they need to focus on at any time
  • It develops an understanding of grammar, sentence structure and a wide range of useful vocabulary

People can get a hands-on demonstration of how Power Play works at Language Show Live, or find out more online, at

Throughout the month of October, people will be able to purchase Power Play at a massively reduced price through its Kickstarter campaign. This is a new product which is continually being expanded and developed to include new languages and ability levels. Its makers are seeking support for the next round of development and are offering fantastic special offers to schools, teachers, students and gamers in return for their early support.

Power Play currently has language versions for learners of English, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Its structured approach to learning has several levels of ability from beginner to high intermediate. Following a successful start-up campaign the makers will be developing versions for higher ability levels, with 6 levels of ability currently planned. They also hope to add new languages to the range, including Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, German and Italian.

People are invited to visit their website to find out more, and to make purchases via their Kickstarter page. Throughout the month of October people can take advantage of up to 50% off the usual retail price.

Follow our progress on Twitter @Play_Power_Play


Power Play is designed and produced by World Class Learners. This development team makes use of its experience in teaching, educational training, interactive design and developmental psychology to develop more effective methods for teaching and learning. Its lead designer has a wide ranging experience in language education and a scientific understanding of the learning process. He has provided training to language teachers and developed new learning curriculum for international schools in China and Japan. He has also lectured in developmental psychology at university in the UK. World Class Learners know that there is a need for new interactive learning methods, but also recognises that digital methods alone cannot meet the changing needs of educators and students. We believe in realistic interaction and in the importance of motivation and playful engagement in the learning process. People learn more when it makes sense and they enjoy it. It's as simple as that.

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For media or other enquiries, contact: Nathan Taylor, Director 155 Upper Street, London, N1 1RA