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Learn Chinese Mandarin in Taipei

Sunday, 16 April 2017 14:07


We take great pride in being the only Mandarin Institute in Taiwan to offer Any course at Any level at Any time.

As innovators in language we understand the system, At TMI Taipei Branch you will be greeted by a native English speaker. Taiwan Mandarin Institute remains the only education center in Taiwan to provide fully native English speaking reception staff for your convenience. He/She will then guide you into the most efficient class by understanding your needs and schedule. You will then be greeted by our native Taiwanese Teacher.

Currently we run group, private and corporate classes in all levels of the main recognized Chinese text books, i.e. Practical Audio-Visual Chinese book 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. We understand the hectic schedules that most of our students experience outside of studying Chinese in Taiwan, therefore our tailored small size classes and transit friendly location allows the students to learn in a more efficient manner.

@e pride ourselves on teaching at high level standards, whilst still maintaining a low cost level. The markets are constantly monitored and scanned to ensure the best value for money is provided at all times. Taiwan Mandarin Institute’s fully serviced reception area is a common place for interested students to drop in, have a chat. Some complementary tea will be provided by our friendly staff.

“Come in for a free trial class and find a Chinese course and a time that will suit you the best.”

Regular Courses

(2 hours per day)

All regular Mandarin courses are 128 hours. Each class is capped at 9 students maximum.Regular courses consist of 8 hours instruction per week. They are divided into four levels: beginning, low intermediate, intermediate, and advanced. In each level, courses are further divided into lower, intermediate, and upper. Students will be assigned to one of the four levels according to their placement test result. This is the most popular course among the ex-pat community in Taiwan as it allows for 2 hours attendance per day spaced over 3 months to complete each level. The classes for each course and level start at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 7 pm (Night-course) allowing flexibility into almost any students work and travel schedule.

Two recent incidents in which Chinese students' international test results have been withheld or cancelled have pushed educators to advise those planning to study abroad to hone their language skills instead of just rote learning.

A high recent influx of tourists to Thailand from China has convinced the Thai government to incorporate Mandarin Chinese on the country’s key signage, with the inclusion of the language likely to come at the expense of English.

SINGAPORE - Three committees that aim to encourage the learning and use of Chinese, Malay and Tamil here will get a 50 per cent boost in funding over the next five years, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced on Saturday (Sept 5).